Please note this program will no longer be available from January 2016. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We hold this session every Wednesday morning from 9.30-11.00am. The program is designed for children aged between 12 months and 2 years and must be accompanied by a parent or trusted caregiver throughout the session. The playgroup sessions offer a routine of circle time, work time, snack time and music.

During the work time the children and parents or trusted caregiver choose activities of interest from the prepared indoor and outdoor environment. Parents and trusted caregiver are encouraged to work with their child at his/her level, respecting their choices and movements between activities.

The educators role is to stimulate the child’s natural love of learning through exploration and she will guide both parent and child in the use of the materials provided. To enable these young children to develop concentration we work and move quietly at all times in the environments. Montessori believed that young children are extremely sensitive and it is for this reason that the teacher never displays the use of a raised or harsh voice or sudden loud or jerking movements.

Parents or caregivers are encouraged to adopt this manner of working with their children during the session. The controlled movement activities which are such fun for young children all enable them to practice controlling these little bodies which have just mastered many new skills in movement and language.

Montessori Childrens Centre Seacliff

This program is held every weekday except Wednesday
• 9.00—11.45am. (Wednesday's will be available from January 2016).
Children attending the transition program are eligible to attend for a full day if preferred.
• Full day session 9.00-3.30pm.
It is designed as a gentle introduction to preschool life, where the child may be apart from the caregiver for the first time.

The program is structured with an emphasis on children choosing and completing their own activities independently. An inside work period is followed by outside play. Music and movement are an important part of this program also.

Parents are encouraged to adopt Montessori practices with their children at home.
Parents may sign up for 1 or several sessions. Preference will be given to those attending a minimum of two days per week.

Montessori Childrens Centre Seacliff

This program is held Monday to Friday.
• Full day session 9.00-3.30pm

In preschool it is compulsory to attend a minimum of 2 sessions.

The preschool program builds on the foundation of the transition program. Children are greeted individually and begin work freely, either alone, with friends or with one on one interactions from the educators. Snack time is on offer throughout the morning, when they feel hungry. The children assist in the clean up of the room before joining circle time.

The circle time consists of greeting songs, calendar songs, group discussion, group games and music. The children are free to choose whether to engage in indoor or outdoor experiences. During their work period children choose from the 5 main Montessori classroom curriculum areas. They often begin in the practical life and sensorial areas where they refine their independent living skills using activities to sort and classify, as well as refining their fine motor skills with the activities of spooning, tongs and tweezers.

Teachers will introduce the language, mathematical and cultural materials to them as they show interest in these areas.

Montessori always adopts a concrete approach, for example, we introduce the sandpaper letters before moving on to areas like word building and reading.

The Montessori curriculum is rich, varied and stimulating and at the centre educators choose a different focus study each term to enable children to explore areas in depth.